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TFS Update 05/26/2017: Patch 4.5 details

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Cada vez más cerca el esperado parche 4.5. Aquí os dejo el post con los cambios introducidos en el parche:


As May comes to a close, TFS is pushing closer and closer to finishing up the next patch for the community. As things start to come together and testing begins, we wanted to reach out and give everyone somewhat of a "change log" of sorts about what to expect with 4.5. This list isn't everything nor is it finalized (see last week's post) with things possibly being added if time allows. 


The amount of work that has been done is impressive and the man hours involved countless. TFS sees 4.5 as what we hope will be a definitive and final version of the original Cliffs of Dover, with additional aircraft, bugfixes, and improvements which bring the game up to the level the original developers had hoped for.  


That said, here is a sample of what to expect with patch 4.5.




- Complete rewrite of TFS mods to the source code.


- Enabling DX11 


- Aircraft mirrors enabled




- Distant rivers looking like lakes


- Flashing plexiglass from bombers, known as the “Christmas tree effect”. 


- Drained the three gigantic flooded water areas (#590) in France, aka known as "The Swimming Pools” @ AV02,       BC16, BD14


- Grandvillier Airdrome @ BC07 corrected to show all airfield hangers


- Relly Norrante Fontes @ BF17 corrected to show all blast pens and Isbergues rail station.


- Somewhere in France removed unconnected railway buffer.


- Marquise West @ BA20 corrected to show 49 new objects, on airfield and nearby village.


- Campagne Les Guines @ BB20 corrected to show all 64 objects instead of 2 at airfield.


- East of St Tricat, German camp discovered and now showing. x33-y25_GermanCamp.jpg


- Frethun, railway station discovered and now showing.


- Spitfire I/IA/IIA cockpit fix for radiator lever. TFS_Spit_SS_05.jpg


- Blenheim cockpit and bombardier cabin switches added. BlennySS_25.jpg  BlennySS_27.jpg


- Field modded Hurricane bomb switches added to cockpit. 


- Hurricane wooden trim wheel corrected


EFFECTS: (Nearly all “particle effects” have been reworked, below are some)


- Engine damage smokes


- Exhaust flames


- Oil leaks


- Dust/Dirt


- Muzzle flashes


- Shell casings


- Weapon smoke


- Projectile impacts on all surfaces


- Tracer effects


- De Wilde impact flashes


- Bomb/Artillery explosions


- Vehicle explosions


- Flak effects


- Fuel fires


- Fuel explosions 


- Aircraft crash explosions/fires


- Environmental smoke


- Chimney smoke


- Ship wakes





- Sound catalogs being worked to hopefully provide great improvements for 4.5





- New English landscape.


- New French landscape.


- New shaders




- Beaufighter 1F Dayfighter (early) and 1NF Nightfighter (early) with Hercules III engine (The Beaufighter 1C with           Hercules IX will not appear until TF 5.0).


- Bf-110C-6 anti-shipping and ground attack version, with 30mm cannon fuselage pod. WIP_04.jpg  


- Bf-110C-4B, (early ground attack) with low altitude optimized DB601Aa engines.


- Hurricane I Rotol Fighter-Bomber fitted with eight, 40 pound bombs. Note: This aircraft can be definitively confirmed to have been used in the Desert and from Malta... but so far there has been no confirmation it was used on the Channel Front. We decided to include it in TF 4.5 for two reasons... 1) It would probably be missed in all the excitement over the new aircraft... (there will be a Fighter-Bomber version of the Hurri IIB) and 2) It will give mission builders on the Channel map the opportunity to build campaigns with fighter-bombers on both sides. If users prefer not to include the aircraft, that is their choice. Hurry.png


- Blenheim IV, IVF (Late) with twin Browning rear turret. Bomb load additions include eight, 40 pound fuselage mounted bombs. Blenheim IV also has the ability of caring at least 2, possibly 4 SBC’s in the main bay, each holding six 40 pound bombs. Blenny.png  SBC.jpg


- Armed Tiger Moths variants, one with four 25 lb bombs, one with wing-mount .303 Vickers, and one with cockpit mount Czech 7.92mm firing through prop. We included the version with the bombs because it was a historical BoB aircraft... a last resort to be used if the Germans landed. The other two are included because we believe players will enjoy the opportunity to dogfight with a biplane... we hope to see all Tiger Moth maps as short fun missions.






- Spitfire fire (or lack of) bug corrected


- Re-mapped power physics .dll which corrects the engine bug, Spit MkIIA brakes/windmilling prop/restart, Tiger moth rudder trim, and numerous, numerous other corrections!





- Tom's Air Force Bases/Maps


- New pilot uniforms and accessories





More than a handful of new skins for Channel aircraft. Here is one of the Beaufighter. (Reached my MB limit!) 





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