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Team Fusion Update - June 24th 2016 - And the work continues.

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Nueva actualización del  desarrollo de la nueva versión del mod TF v5.0


Extraído de este hilo en su foro( las Imagenes no se copian bien mejor que las veais en su foro ;) )


Well hello and thanks for dropping by to no doubt ask "where is my patch?", "haven't you finished yet?", "this isn't what you promised!"....."don't worry, we're happy to wait :)  "..choose your phrase, all I can say, we're still here, still plugging away and still generating content :thumbsup:

Depending on whether your glass is half full or half empty, hopefully you'll be able to drink from it in the knowledge that we are still here, still deeply involved toiling away and determined to get Patch v5.00 completed before England win the another World Cup in Football :) (okay, most likely a lot sooner!) :devilish:
As always when it get to the Summer months work invariably slows down due to family life and being able to see the sun again so I have had to really bang on some email boxes just to be able to get something to show. This doesn't mean there isn't a lot going on, but most of it is uninteresting, non-visual stuff (like FM coding, a small dial here and there) so the modellers consider this not worth sending me....and that means I get nothing to show from them (certain departments). Others are also so entrenched in what they are doing that again they would rather spend time on the model than renders so I end up with only bits and pieces to show.
However.....I do try, do knock on email doors and hopefully this small summary will keep you going?
Here goes!
So currently some of our modellers are involved with various projects and here are some images I have been authorised to let show :-)
and finally here is a screenshot from the new map (without textures, buildings, landscape details, etc, etc) just to prove it does actually exist and is well underway. There is still a lot of work to do with the new theatre but it is underway, along with so much more but if I explain everything now I'll not have anything for the coming updates, so here is the first public image showing the map, created with an Alpha version of Team Fusions Map Tool. The Map Tool has been incredibly frustrating for our main coder, having already re-written in 3-times, but now it is significantly progress although not complete and will allow map-makers to drag, drop, add, build, plot, overlay.....but not just yet!
So here's the first official image with plenty more to come over the following weeks and months. 
I can only say we at TF are doing our best, it has taken way longer than we expected but mainly because we keep finding new ways to speed up workflow, small fixes, large fixes, etc, etc....we just want v5.00 to be the best it can be and hopefully once it's out, the community will see just how wide ranging the possibilities are for all modding groups to help us make the best Community WW2 Combat Flight Sim available.
As always thanks to Artist for his unending Bugtracker work. Here is the latest news from him:
The bugtracker (http://tfbt.nuvturais.de/projects/il2clodtf) keeps accumulating data: Since the last published update on April, 1st, 7 new users brought the total up to 945 registered users of which 58 have been active since then. We currently have 231 open issues (168 bugs and 63 feature requests). 3 have already been resolved with patch 4.312 and 30 are currently in progress to be fixed or implemented.
8 new issues have been raised since the last update, among them are (no judgment implied):
  • Feature Request #804: "Mouse Arrow to Disappear after x seconds" (New)
  • Reported Bug #803: "S.m.K. Üb.m.Zerl. - Spitzgeschoss mit Kern Übungsmunition is mismodelled" (New)
  • Feature Request #802: "Shoreham + area scenery fix" (New)
  • Reported Bug #801: "Land covered in road textures 25km east of Les Andelys" (New)
  • Reported Bug #800: "Spline Road Error between Ash near Sevenoaks and Gillingham" (New)
  • Feature Request #799: "Missing Airfield Middle Wallop" (New)
  • Reported Bug #798: "Rye Radar site is in the wrong location" (New)
The issues with the highest (summary) vote currently are:
  • 70: #725: "BF 110 Airspeed" (New)
  • 55: #581: "RAF fighter engines incorrectly start cold in Multiplayer" (New)
  • 53: #498: "Bf 109: Prop Pitch Inverted" (New)
  • 47: #690: "Bf 109: The Half Armor Plate in upcoming 109 Variants" (New)
  • 42: #602: "Defensive AI Gunner Skill Levels Set Too High" (New)
  • 42: #742: "Bf 109 cooling system" (New)
There are a number of issues set on "Feedback". We kindly ask the authors to respond:
  • #604: "Blenheim: fuel cocks incorrectly labeled
  • #669: "Bf 110: Navigational Lights
  • #670: "Bf 110: Landing Lights
  • #716: "Texture
  • #718: "Ju-88: Sight cannot be moved to the left and to right
  • #731: "Fiat BR-20 bomb aimer CTD
  • #732: "Fiat BR-20 bomb aimind device can only be set to 2.700 meters
  • #733: "Hurricane Mk I Rotol 100: Course setter
  • #749: "Overheated cooling system shouldn't blow the radiator.
  • #765: "Weird Lighting in cockpit during live flight
We invite all pilots to participate in the bugtracker either by reporting bugs, requesting features, and/or vote on issues. But before you do anything, please read the guidelines and FAQ here: http://tfbt.nuvturais.de/projects/il2clodtf/boards/4
And finally, having got my hands on the Beaufighter to test, I took it for a short spin and strafed a convoy of trucks.....heavily defended by flak. Not really a video showing huge amounts of stuff, but there is texture and effects work on display as-well of course as the beaufighter Cockpit :)
That's all for now, cheers, MP/TF




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