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Team Fusion Update - October 9th 2015 - Coming along nicely :)

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Ultima actualización de los chicos del TF(fuente)





Good day everyone and hopefully this wont be too small of an update to keep the faith big%20smile.gif

So, as the chap dealing with posting information about work in progress I have to look around try and find nuggets to share. Sadly (for me) most of the work involves the new map which I am not allowed to mention until it's ready to showcase (but it's moving along nicely) so I have to find images of WiP which may give hope to the legion of individuals (and teams) who are keen to see progress being made.

Now, I have only just returned from a trip to the US where for the last 3-months I have been preparing a version of Checkertails Part 3 to show at the final ever reunion of the 325th Fighter Group veterans and so have had barely any time since getting back to the UK.....so here is what I have managed to get together in the last few minutes big%20smile.gif

Well, just as a note beforehand, Buzzsaw posted the last update about the 110 explaining the progress and attention to detail regarding engine modelling and FM. This attention to detail will be for all aircraft we release. I just thought I'd add that as the amount of original documents TF has access to is vast and so all details are and will be looked at including the following.


The Martlet is now in the UV unwrapping stage. This is one of the most difficult but rewarding parts of most model making as this is used to create the skin template. During this stage all areas that can be painted by the skinners are created and so working out which parts will be visible to paint is time intensive, intricate but ultimately worth every second as it allows those historically accurate skins to be possible. Th following images show the model with a false texture (sorry...no, it wont be available in-game to fly!) as the areas for skinning are worked out.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 11.54.33 PM.png Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 9.06.32 AM.png Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 9.05.34 AM.png

Now it's not only aircraft that are being created as can be seen from the following models that are near completion big%20smile.gif

tank_render_10.png Vickers_MG_01.jpg MG_34_Lafette_003.jpg

But let's be honest.....it's a flight sim and we all love Flight Sims big%20smile.gif , so here is the latest work on the Beaufighter Cockpit big%20smile.gif

up2_zpsagkpqjg6.jpg up1_zpschm5f4go.jpg Oct up_zpstlrizu05.jpg

and, for the first time....the lovely Spitfire MKV (obviously work in progress) yellow%20wink.gif

SpitVa_WIP.jpg SpitVb_WIP5.jpg SpitVb_WIP6.jpg SpitVb_WIP7.jpg

So that's about the long and short of this update. Hopefully it will show that we are still plugging away to create the huge v5.0 update and we will of-course add news when and as we can th_salute.gif

Cheers, MP/TF




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