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Markus de Alemania

CeBIT FlyIn 2012 - Hannover EDDV / Sat. 10.3.2012 1700-2130Z

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The same procedure as every year. Once again, Hannover Airport is highly coveted! As every year, many visitors want to go to see the CEBIT. And this means: It doesn't matter whether scheduled flights, business jets or special traffic, everyone wants to fly to the capital of Lower Saxony. Intense activity and lots of private aircrafts were the results of this event.



Pilot Briefing

Last year's CEBIT Fly-in was a real pleasure but as well full of airplanes. Please read the following briefing carefully to guarantee another great event in 2012.

Arriving traffic will be guided by EDWW_S_CTR and handed over to EDDV_S_APP or (if inbound north sector) by EDWW_N_CTR // EDWW_E_CTR to EDDV_N_APP. Be prepared to enter a holding! If you were told to enter the holding or if you reach your clearence limit, enter it as published in the charts.

The most important thing is: Have charts on board!

Arrival will give you vectors to the downwind and hand you over to EDDV_D_APP - Director. Please note: Your first call contains your CALLSIGN ONLY. The Director will find all other information on his radar screen. After establishing the ILS expect the hand-off to EDDV_TWR.

Be advised: In Hannover it's possible to reduce separation to preceeding traffic for the *opposite* runway. Separations of 1,5 NM are normal and will be used if necessary. So don't worry about. After touchdown expedite vacating to clear the runway.

Departing traffic will receive the clearence by EDDV_GND. Please note that runway requests cannot always be enabled. Before reaching the holding-point you will be handed over to EDDV_TWR. Be prepared for conditional clearences ("Behind landing Airbus A320 line up runway 27R and wait behind"). Once you get your take-off clearence you have to switch *autonomously* to EDDV_S_APP if you are on a OSN, DLE, WRB or ELNAT SID. If you are cleared the NIE, CEL or MULDO SID switch *autonomously* to EDDV_N_APP. Attend to the initial climb of 4000 ft and do never climb further without any clearence.

One last general hint: Please start your radio transmission only after the readback of another pilot. Confine yourself to necessary and short radio transmissions. Just a little discipline on the frequency.

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