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  1. Presentación

    Bienvenido Jokin. Pásate por ts cualquier noche de estas y nos echamos algún vuelo.
  2. Cada vez más cerca el esperado parche 4.5. Aquí os dejo el post con los cambios introducidos en el parche: As May comes to a close, TFS is pushing closer and closer to finishing up the next patch for the community. As things start to come together and testing begins, we wanted to reach out and give everyone somewhat of a "change log" of sorts about what to expect with 4.5. This list isn't everything nor is it finalized (see last week's post) with things possibly being added if time allows. The amount of work that has been done is impressive and the man hours involved countless. TFS sees 4.5 as what we hope will be a definitive and final version of the original Cliffs of Dover, with additional aircraft, bugfixes, and improvements which bring the game up to the level the original developers had hoped for. That said, here is a sample of what to expect with patch 4.5. CODE: - Complete rewrite of TFS mods to the source code. - Enabling DX11 - Aircraft mirrors enabled CORRECTED BUGS: - Distant rivers looking like lakes - Flashing plexiglass from bombers, known as the “Christmas tree effect”. - Drained the three gigantic flooded water areas (#590) in France, aka known as "The Swimming Pools” @ AV02, BC16, BD14 - Grandvillier Airdrome @ BC07 corrected to show all airfield hangers - Relly Norrante Fontes @ BF17 corrected to show all blast pens and Isbergues rail station. - Somewhere in France removed unconnected railway buffer. - Marquise West @ BA20 corrected to show 49 new objects, on airfield and nearby village. - Campagne Les Guines @ BB20 corrected to show all 64 objects instead of 2 at airfield. - East of St Tricat, German camp discovered and now showing. - Frethun, railway station discovered and now showing. - Spitfire I/IA/IIA cockpit fix for radiator lever. - Blenheim cockpit and bombardier cabin switches added. - Field modded Hurricane bomb switches added to cockpit. - Hurricane wooden trim wheel corrected EFFECTS: (Nearly all “particle effects” have been reworked, below are some) - Engine damage smokes - Exhaust flames - Oil leaks - Dust/Dirt - Muzzle flashes - Shell casings - Weapon smoke - Projectile impacts on all surfaces - Tracer effects - De Wilde impact flashes - Bomb/Artillery explosions - Vehicle explosions - Flak effects - Fuel fires - Fuel explosions - Aircraft crash explosions/fires - Environmental smoke - Chimney smoke - Ship wakes SOUND: - Sound catalogs being worked to hopefully provide great improvements for 4.5 TERRAIN: - New English landscape. - New French landscape. - New shaders NEW FLYABLE AIRCRAFT: - Beaufighter 1F Dayfighter (early) and 1NF Nightfighter (early) with Hercules III engine (The Beaufighter 1C with Hercules IX will not appear until TF 5.0). - Bf-110C-6 anti-shipping and ground attack version, with 30mm cannon fuselage pod. - Bf-110C-4B, (early ground attack) with low altitude optimized DB601Aa engines. - Hurricane I Rotol Fighter-Bomber fitted with eight, 40 pound bombs. Note: This aircraft can be definitively confirmed to have been used in the Desert and from Malta... but so far there has been no confirmation it was used on the Channel Front. We decided to include it in TF 4.5 for two reasons... 1) It would probably be missed in all the excitement over the new aircraft... (there will be a Fighter-Bomber version of the Hurri IIB) and 2) It will give mission builders on the Channel map the opportunity to build campaigns with fighter-bombers on both sides. If users prefer not to include the aircraft, that is their choice. - Blenheim IV, IVF (Late) with twin Browning rear turret. Bomb load additions include eight, 40 pound fuselage mounted bombs. Blenheim IV also has the ability of caring at least 2, possibly 4 SBC’s in the main bay, each holding six 40 pound bombs. - Armed Tiger Moths variants, one with four 25 lb bombs, one with wing-mount .303 Vickers, and one with cockpit mount Czech 7.92mm firing through prop. We included the version with the bombs because it was a historical BoB aircraft... a last resort to be used if the Germans landed. The other two are included because we believe players will enjoy the opportunity to dogfight with a biplane... we hope to see all Tiger Moth maps as short fun missions. FM/DM FIXES: - Spitfire fire (or lack of) bug corrected - Re-mapped power physics .dll which corrects the engine bug, Spit MkIIA brakes/windmilling prop/restart, Tiger moth rudder trim, and numerous, numerous other corrections! MISCELLANEOUS: - Tom's Air Force Bases/Maps - New pilot uniforms and accessories SKINS: More than a handful of new skins for Channel aircraft. Here is one of the Beaufighter. (Reached my MB limit!) Saludos.
  3. Munición alemana Cliffs of Dover

    El General en jefe cuyas órdenes sigo a rajatabla
  4. Munición alemana Cliffs of Dover

    En cuanto pueda os adjunto mi archivo de configuración de armamento. Saludos.
  5. Il2 CloD TF5.00 será de pago :(

    Echando un ojo al foro oficial he visto que la versión 5.0 del TF será de pago , la v4.5 será la última gratuita. Ya lo pueden hacer muy bien o ponerlo muy barato porque estamos hablando de un motor gráfico de hace 6 años. Saludos.
  6. TFS Update 04/28/2017

    Pues parece que la cosa marcha más rápido y que esperan lanzar la versión 4.5 lo antes posible. Aquí os dejo el post del update: As we begin our push into Spring in the North and Autumn in the South, work is ramping up in all departments as things for the next patch begin to solidify. Before moving on, I'd like to address the issue of me not being Neil, aka MysticPuma. As most of you know, MP decided to take a leave of absence from his work with TFS. We hope that Neil enjoys his time off and gets some good stick time in, and we are hopeful that his absence is a vacation rather than a retirement. While he is swinging in a hammock sipping on umbrella drinks, you all will have to deal with me for today, so be gentle. Don't get too attached however, as updates may not come from me every time. And one final point on this. There is no ill will between us and work continues as normal. So for those of you posting doom and gloom, or hoping for it, I'm sorry to disappoint. With that said, things are rather fluid right now in both work and finalizing company details, but we will provide the community with a road map of what will be included in TFS 4.5 as well as TFS 5.0 in the near future. We want to be more transparent and give you fine ladies and gents out there more of a clear picture but for this update, we can't. Because... Things are still being finalized within TFS as we begin to understand the SC and tools. We don't want to promise something for 4.5 but then find out that it would take a delay of 4.5 to implement it. Nobody, including us in TFS want any more delays. You all deserve 4.5 ASAP, and we want to deliver it ASAP, just know that things are becoming much clearer on our end so we hope to be able to share that with the community soon, so stay tuned. Before I bore you all to death, here are some shots of some work that yes, I know you already know about but have been progressing quickly the last few weeks. New members have been joining TFS in a lot of different departments, so bottlenecks and workloads are finally easing off for some of us. I've heard some comments in the last few updates about why is TFS wasting their time on trucks or this and that... just know a lot of the work being shown has been finished, or has been close to being finished for a while, it was just waiting to be imported or whatnot because it was in fact, like some mentioned, less important. Five other models or changes that weren't mentioned that were in the pipeline took precedence. Now that those are finished, the less important things were showcased. I hope that makes sense. That said, we hope to provide a 4.5 specific update soon, but in the meantime, here is some info on numerous projects the members of TFS are working on. ---------------------------------------- (Note: For more photos, see the update posted here: https://theairtactic...4647#post264647 I only could post a few here, not sure if it is because I'm new to the forum and have a limit on size, but I apologize in advance). The Bristol Blenheim IV, IVF, and IV-NF Late will feature a twin .303 turret as well as the ability to carry eight 40 lbs bombs on wing racks. The internal or cockpit view model and texture is finished, and is in the early stages of getting finalized for import. The same goes for the external model's changes. ------------------------------------ Work continues on improving the existing map and fixing issues with it. While our map team is also populating the new theater, we have been continuously creating or discovering important map files/tools that are making the job on the channel map easier. Being able to adjust, create, or remove the location of lakes, rivers, coastlines, ponds, and swimming pools is just one small area where things have progressed. Being able to ID and adjust where buildings and trees are is a major step forward as well. The English countryside updates were shown last time, and the French landscape is continuing to get improvements and updated textures. One thing being worked on is improving the visibility and crispness of towns/cities/ports from altitude. This first shot was taken at 5000 and shows the early improvements of that, and the second shows some new texturing. ----------------------------------- A few new shots of the CR.42 cockpit, which is in the texture shop and progressing nicely. --------------------------- A few more details added to the M.C. 202. External is getting closer and closer to completion at a breakneck pace. ------------------------------------------ Panels and rivets being added to the external P-40E. -------------------------------------- And a few new skins. Please remember that these skins are probably too light at the moment, but were made prior to the new map and will be adjusted once the desert colors, lighting, and shaders have been finalized. Some of the skins also have added dirt, dust, and sun bleaching added to them. ------------------------- From the Team Fusion Bugtracker The bugtracker (http://tfbt.nuvturai...jects/il2clodtf) keeps accumulating data: Since the last published update on December, 1st, 27 new users brought the total up to 973 registered users of which 66 have been active since then. We currently have 277 open issues (201 bugs and 76 feature requests). 3 have already been resolved with patch 4.312 and 32 are currently in progress to be fixed or implemented. New issues and feature request have been raised since the last update, among them are (no judgment implied): Reported Bug #855: "Hurricane Mk1 (all types) Undercarriage and Flap Control." (New) Feature Request #852: "Change default title for info-windows to "alt + klick to edit"" (New) Reported Bug #849: "Grond units being in shelter gets damaged from bombs without destroying the shelter." (New) Feature Request #845: "Setting start HDG for airstart on Spawn Area" (New) Reported Bug #844: "Bf 110: Starboard cowling seemingly not linked to damage model" (New) Feature Request #838: "Blur the Blackout" (New) Reported Bug #836: "Extra railway tracks visible near Theville" (Confirmed) Now, please note that many of the "reported bugs" are in fact not bugs at all, and are actually correct. Fixes to the existing game are just as important as new content is, and we continue to note your reported ones as well as find and fix others. Things are looking good for CloD. And lastly, I apologize for the lack of a video in this update, I know we all like moving still frames but hopefully there are some photos or nuggets of info in this update to make everyone smile a little or stroke their chins in a thoughtful manner. In the meantime, please be patient while we push forward with the next patch (4.5) and the next major update about that patch's details and release date.
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  8. Para los que les resulte raro volar sin la esvástica en los aviones alemanes aquí tenéis un programilla que os la activa. Simplemente se ejecuta en la ruta del juego y ya está. Saludos. EnableHistoricalMarkings.7z
  9. También os adjunto el "cocktail" de cintas de munición más efectiva para los cazas alemanes e ingleses. Simplemente sustituir el archivo "user.ini" de la ruta "...:\Users\usuario\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - MOD" por el que os adjunto. O mejor haced una copia de seguridad del vuestro o renombrarlo e incluis este. Este archivo solo toca el tema de la munición y de la apariencia del piloto, no os cambiara ninguno de los controles que tengáis definidos. Para activar el "cocktail de munición" tenéis que acceder a la carga del avión seleccionado y en el apartado de ametralladoras seleccionáis en el cuadro de arriba a la derecha donde pone "Personalizada" la opción "Armas BF109 51SQN" en el caso de los cazas alemanes o el modelo de avión inglés que hayáis elegido en el caso de los bebedores de té. Saludos. user.ini
  10. Hola a todos os dejo aquí el "josemanué" para el CoD, que para el que no lo conozca sirve para activar y desactivar mods y que lo estoy usando para activar unas modificaciones gráficas que mejoran el antialiasing y la visibilidad de los bandidos. Para activarlo basta con seguir los siguientes pasos: 1.- Descomprimir el contenido del rar JGSME_COD en la carpeta raiz del juego en "X:..\Steam\SteamApps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover". 2.- Ejecutar el archivo "JSGME.exe" y comprobar que están activas los mods de la imágen 3.- abrir el conf.ini que se encuentra en la ruta ...\Users\usuario\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - MOD y modificar el valor de la linea visibilityDistance a 5 ================================ Los skins con el escudo del escuadrón los descomprimis en las carpetas de skins de cada avión(Bf-109E-3 y SpitfireMkI) en la ruta "...:\Users\usuario\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - MOD\PaintSchemes\Skins\" Saludos. JGSME_COD.rar Bf109 E3-51 SQN.rar Spit MkI 51 SQN.rar
  11. Día de entrenos

    Eso eessssss :D, venga que hay que estrenar skin Saludos.
  12. Entrenamiento Cliffs of Dover

    El 51 Escuadrón organiza para todos los que quieran participar un entrenamiento con el Cliffs of Dover.
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    Buen trabajo, enhorabuena
  14. Aquí os dejo una descarga que he encontrado navegando por foros del mapa del caucaso. Aunque lo único interactivo que veo es que se puede hacer zoom :P, espero que os sirva de ayuda. Saludos.